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Yuri Grisendi

Big Mama long sleeves t-shirt

Hotspot Design is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Yuri Grisendi, one of the greatest and most famous anglers catching big predators all over the world, he has gained prominence and popularity across the world, making valuable contributions to the fishing sport. He founded CatFish World followed by hundreds of thousands followers in the dedicated social networks. He influenced and inspired many anglers to start fishing and made people at home feel the joy of fishing.


The Big Mama design showcases the moment in which the catfish is exhausted and the angler by hands is getting it out of the water, Big Mama is one of the usual expressions used by Yuri Grisendi after a fight with a big predator.


Based on the expression and idea of Yuri Grisendi and with the great support of the graphic designer Andrea Vicini, Hotspot Design was able to create a unique and amazing product. A stunning interplay between a legend angler with his expression, a designer and all included in a garment thanks to the experience of the Hotspot Design brand.


For all these reasons Big Mama could be considered the most iconic garment in the catfishing field.

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