Hoodie No Kill

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Zip sweat, 80% combed cotton, 20% polyester, 280 gr, low shrinkage. Hood and kangaroo pockets finished with rib 2x2 piping. Cuffs and hem in 2x2 rib. Set in sleeves with flatlock topstitch. The polyester is in the core of the sweatshirt, where it is needed to offer high-level technical characteristics such as excellent resistance to washing. Moreover the absence of polyester inside the sweatshirt offers perfect comfort (your skin is only in contact with cotton). All Hotspot products meet all government safety and quality standards. All our sweats respect the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 regulations. "Oeko-Tex standard 100" is an international, normative document, published by the International Association for research and Testing in the field of Textile Ecology (Oeko-tex / Öko-Tex). The Oeko-Tex system guarantees that all tested and certified textile products are free from harmful substances that may be injurious to human health. For further information please visit: www.oeko-tex.com


Silk-screen printing with words NO KILL realized in embossed green colour printing and positioned on the chest and on the right sleeve. Silk-screen printing with text “Angler’s Mind” on the entire length of the left sleeve, realized in embossed green colour printing. “Hotspot Design” printed below the left shoulder and logo Hotspot stylized on the stomach, both realized in silk-screen printing in gold colour. Logo Hotspot Design totally embroidered and including the Italian flag, positioned on the right sleeve.

An universal product suitable for all fishing disciplines, characterized by an attractive design with a modern style and embossed effect well visible, all combined with high quality details, certainly one of the products that will remain in the history of Hotspot Design.




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